We had to say goodbye to Noddy at the start of April, due to aggressive cancer. He was my constant companion for 7 years, my brave badger-chasing kitty soulmate. I will love and miss him forever, more than words can say.


I am taking a hiatus for the rest of April for personal reasons.

FFoF Bestiary Craft Swap Part 2 - Catfish!

Look at what SisterTwisty sent me as part of this swap! It's the most adorable thing ever!


There are even little snails!


Her blog post about the piece is here.

Go and look at her Flickr stream (which is where these photos are from) - it's full of incredibly intricate embroidery (here is David Meowie!) and imaginative artwork. I am in awe....

Updated as I realised the Flickr player doesn't work in Feedly, grrrrr.....