Mini mushroom!

For Anna Marie's birthday, I made her a felt mushroom brooch:

This was a combination between Wild Olive's and Lupin's projects in "Mollie Makes Woodland Friends". I used the general shape from one of the projects (and was overly excited about using my scalloped scissors for the first time) and the mushroom from the other.

And here is the lovely Anna Marie modelling it:

She also made my latest embroidery pattern and managed to fix the problem I had with the watercolour crayons bleeding outside the lines by using calico for the backing fabric, which I will definitely try next time. I love the monster shading and the topical ribbon:

Thursday Things

For some reason I haven't stumbled across much on the Internet this week, so all you get is this (although it is extremely squee-worthy)..

New embroidery pattern!

I've just released my second embroidery pattern on Craftsy. It's called "Monsters Deserve Love Too".

It's free on Craftsy here.  

I'm aiming to do another monster pattern in the next couple of months. I'm going to do some more practising with the watercolour crayons - they're a nightmare when you're trying to get them to stay in one place. My boyfriend paints Warhammer models and he was way better at it than me (compare the top of the left tail with the top of the right one!). I do like the subtle effects they can give though. Maybe they are better kept as background washes. I'm also going to do more practice with drawing using a tablet, my Gimp/Inkscape/Paint experience with this pattern was very swear-inducing and I can't seem to draw a non-wobbly line on paper.