Printing Workshops

I've recently been to a couple of workshops at Red Hot Press in Southampton. First was a screenprinting course which was really fun but involved SO MUCH CLEANING! I'd love to do it again but cleaning the screens to change colour involved more cleaning than I do in my house in a year. Below is the main piece I did (inspired by this picture which I can't find any credits for - anyone know?).

A few weeks later I did a letterpress course, where I added the "Kitty" to the picture. I now want to collect all the printing block things in the world.

Showing my major Buffy geekiness...
Slightly wonky but I like the placement and the unevenness of the ink.
Red Hot Press have loads of interesting courses, I'd really recommend them. They also do longer courses that cover different sorts of printing. I'm very tempted by the papercuts day course. Or the etching weekend... 

Meet The Monsters - Bertie

Bertie hates everything, except poking things with sharp sticks. He especially hates it when his tentacles get tangled in his sleep.

5" hoop, lightly stuffed with felt applique, hand embroidery and sequins.

Wordless Wednesday

Monsters on Mr X Stitch

Castiel, Ethel and Clarissa are on this week's Mr X Stitch Phat Quarter Finds...

Meet The Monsters - Castiel

Castiel's real name is only known to those in his home dimension as it is inaudible to everyone/everything else's ears. He has therefore picked this name for when he is at the Emporium, although he swears he has never watched "Supernatural". He enjoys spelunking and knitting.

4" hoop with felt applique and embroidery.
Castiel's portrait is for sale here

Meet The Monsters - Ethel

Ethel  likes rollerderby, sambuca and hunting insects into extinction.

5" hoop with felt applique, hand embroidery and plastic eyes.  Lightly stuffed (again a nightmare because of the eyes, I really must find a better way of doing this) .

Meet The Monsters - Clarissa

Clarissa  likes fine wine, opera and eating people's fingernails while they sleep.

4" hoop with felt applique and hand embroidery.
Clarissa's portrait is for sale here

Meet The Monsters - Eduardo

Eduardo collects Beanie Babies and is vegan. Eduardo is very sad that people assume he is evil as he just wants to be hugged.

4" hoop with felt applique, hand embroidery and water-soluble crayons.
Eduardo's portrait is for sale here

Phat Quarter Swap on Mr X Stitch

My partner's piece isn't on there as she hasn't uploaded it to Flickr yet, I'll get a photo of it on here soon. My "Game Over" piece is though, and I'm geekily excited that I have my own tag on Mr X Stitch!

Meet The Monsters - Jeremy

Jeremy enjoys teleporting into embarrassing situations and popping eyeballs (smothered in tabasco sauce) between his tiny razor-sharp teeth.

5" hoop, fur fabric and felt applique lightly stuffed (stuffing around his body holes was a nightmare!) with hand embroidery and water-soluble crayons.


Welcome to my latest venture! I make textile art monster portraits of the various monsters that visit and live in the Emporium. I am gradually adding to the portraits and updating the various monster biographies here.

You can also follow the monsters on Twitter (@MadMonstersUK) and Facebook.