January Slump

Ugh, I haven't felt like doing anything this month except hiding in bed and reading. Craft-wise I've mostly been doing my Once Upon A Time 2014 sampler because it doesn't involve making decisions and is a good way to turn my brain off. I've stopped the Halloween sampler for now, I want to actually stay almost up-to-date with the yearly one. I've almost finished Snow White (with altered costume as loads of people have done on the Facebook group), the bubbles and washing liquid. there's no way I'm getting the dwarves and washing done before the end of the month!

I've finished stitching my next embroidery pattern, I still need to take photos and write up the instructions. As it is a Valentines pattern, I'll have to get a move on. I'll update here when it's on my Craftsy shop - it will be free like the last one.

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Name changes

I have changed my social media links (apart from this blog) to all go with my monsterness, so they are all now MadMonstersUK - I'll probably not use the Unexpected Kitty Twitter and Facebook pages for a while so if you are just following those and want to keep up with what I'm doing, please follow the MadMonstersUK ones instead.

Phat Quarter Amuse-Bouche Swap

December's Phat Quarter swap's theme was "a tiny visual treat". My piece was for Noodle-bug (go visit her blog) who described herself as a science/maths geek, so I made her a dangly atom, with sequins and a blue felt backing:

I was sent this great piece by Flaming Nora (her blog is here) - she sent me an amazing stumpwork tiny globe hoop - so many tiny intricate stitches, the 3D technique was really effective - I love it!
(Update - here is the blog post where she goes into more detail how she made it)

Tiny stump work world

Here's my progress so far on my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Halloween Sampler. I should get my fabric for the Once Upon A Time 2014 sampler soon, so the ween may have to wait...

Thursday Things

And into the New Year...

My only resolution this year was to take better care of myself - eating more fruit and veg, taking occasional exercise etc etc. I am hoping that drinking Ribena counts towards this as today I discovered that the only fresh fruit my local shop sells are lemons... I'm trying to deal with my stress levels with lots of deep breathing, and I have spent most of my non-work time so far asleep.

I have mostly failing to do any crafting this week, although my Halloween sampler now has 1.5 Ls and the start of an O. I bought a lap stand in the Hobbycraft sale and am hoping that encourages me to finish it soon, although the hour I spent swearing at it while trying to wind the linen on it yesterday isn't particularly encouraging. I am in the middle of designing the first monster embroidery pattern at the moment.

Speaking of embroidery patterns, here is Anna Marie's version of my Festive Wanderers pattern!

She used glittery felt and velvety fabric. I love the sequined baubles on the tree.  This pattern is available on my Craftsy pattern shop for free.

Also free is UK postage for my monsters until the end of January (Folksy and Etsy) - perfect if you were wondering what to put on your walls now you've taken your decorations down, or want to stock up on Christmas monsters for the end of the year.