Blurry but pretty iPhone pics

Made it worth having to stand in the rain waiting for a bus...
We drove out to the New Forest at the weekend as I had been cooped up in the house all day. I saw a tiny foal and this beautiful sunset. Apparently there is an area where most of the donkeys congregate, so I will be exploring that soon. There are very few things cuter than a baby donkey.

Noddy with his catnip mousey. OK, we posed him with it, but it is pretty much the only toy he will go near (apart from these amazing catnip eyeballs from Etsy which are now covered with a disgusting amount of fluff and hair and stuck behind the sofa). They tend to disappear under chairs and fridges when Miskit plays with them, I should buy them in bulk. If Pets At Home stop stocking them, I'm in trouble.


This is my piece for the Phat Quarter "Blinded By Science" swap, for HugsAreFun. She told me she loves Tesla, so this is the Tesla Tower if it had been finished, with Tesla's favourite pigeon. The tower is tea-dyed felt (I really didn't think it would dye as it's not wool felt, seems you can tea-dye anything) with beads for the dome.

Batty Goodness!

This is the "Blinded by Science" Phat Quarter swap piece I received from What Is Reality Plushies (flickr photostream here). It is a tube-nosed fruit bat and it is AWESOME. I love that I can play with its wings! The background is also the exact right colour for my craft room (assuming I ever finish painting it). I may have squeeed very loudly in the office when I opened it....

I Hate Dandelions. And Brambles.

It has been mentioned that my blog has never covered "garden battles". Behold what I am up against:

This is the rockery... Below this is a WWII concrete bomb shelter.

This is the edge of the patio around the rockery (with bonus Miskit and 1970s gnome), where I planted a border filled with plants and grasses last year to try to hide the hideous concrete edges. Winter and the lawn we didn't kill off properly have not been kind. There's also a huge pile of branches and dead leaves from a tree that didn't deal well with the weight of snow.


Noddy on a bench