Phat Quarter Amuse-Bouche Swap

December's Phat Quarter swap's theme was "a tiny visual treat". My piece was for Noodle-bug (go visit her blog) who described herself as a science/maths geek, so I made her a dangly atom, with sequins and a blue felt backing:

I was sent this great piece by Flaming Nora (her blog is here) - she sent me an amazing stumpwork tiny globe hoop - so many tiny intricate stitches, the 3D technique was really effective - I love it!
(Update - here is the blog post where she goes into more detail how she made it)

Tiny stump work world

Here's my progress so far on my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Halloween Sampler. I should get my fabric for the Once Upon A Time 2014 sampler soon, so the ween may have to wait...


  1. I have made an update with the link to your blog post, thanks! I've never tried stumpwork, am tempted to give it a go now.

  2. I LOVE the atom on the hexagon! And the stitching on that earth is gorgeous!