I meant to post every day in November - I guess I ran out of photos and ideas to keep it up! Hopefully it's got me into the habit of posting more frequently than every couple of months.

I've finished one of the Super-Secret cross stitch xmas projects, well the stitching stage anyway. I've painted the hoop but need to reverse-engineer the felt backing as I don't want to remove it from the hoop as it took forever to get it into the perfect position.

Just need to sew lots of embroidered leaves onto my C&G project and cut the tubing I'm using for hanging it, then I'm done except the dreaded paperwork. I then need to start tea-dying fabric for my second project.

This morning I tried to move Miskit and she hissed and scratched me quite badly. I'm concerned she now has the taste for blood after we watched Hellraiser together this week....

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