Other C&G project

Oops, haven't updated for a while, sorry! These are photos of my other C&G project, based on nature and decay.It hangs from a stick and invisible fishing line. The base is calico, with embroidered leaves in various neutral colours, then organza and satin embroidered leaves stitched on top, with burnt edges (I managed to set fire to one using a joss stick...). I added larger holes towards the bottom of the calico, merging it into shredded scrim. All of the fabrics were tea-dyed (luckily Happy Shopper teabags worked as well as PG Tips).

Above you can see some details of the satin burnt leaves towards the end of the scrim.

The photo above shows the leaves embroidered onto the base calico.

And here you can see a close-up of the top section, which has smaller holes and more leaves.
Overall I'm pretty happy with it, I won't be trying to machine embroider onto organza again for a while though!

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