Most evenings I just collapse on the sofa in front of the TV after work. I have a gigantic pile of half-finished craft pieces that doesn't seem to be getting much smaller. When I read about #30for30crafting on HugsAreFun it seemed to be a good way to kick myself into action so I don't feel so guilty about the hours I spend on the sofa! It was set up by The Crafting Geek and is simply doing 30 minutes of craft a day for 30 days. I suspect I started it on the 5th June, as the 4th June mostly involved playing ukulele in the rain at the Queen's Baton Relay in Southampton (as well as watching men set themselves on fire and dive from an insane height into a giant paddling pool).

I bought a 2014 fabric calendar panel from Polka & Bloom and had only managed to stitch "2014". As this is obviously of limited use after this year, I thought it was an ideal project to spend the next 30 days on. This is how far I had got by Sunday.

Obviously I will iron it at some point...

 Flower - I think I will leave the grid and spiral pink. Not much point choosing the pink version to go with my one-day-pink-and-green craft room if I embroider over all of it.

Bird - I have since sewn his eye which makes a huge difference. I'm leaving the rest of his markings pink.

I don't know how much of this I will actually embroider - I'm doing it symmetrically so it won't look weird if I don't manage all the flowers etc. I think the 30 days is a good deadline to stop otherwise I could spend all year on it. Maybe I will cut the embroidered bits off after December and use them as patches for something.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you've joined in! This calendar panel is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the progress you make!
    I'm really loving this challenge. Even just putting 30 minutes a day into some of my neglected projects I'm getting a lot done!

    Also, it's awesome that you play ukelele! I bought my husband one for his birthday last year but he hasn't really learned how to play much yet.

  2. It's really improving my stitching speed which is a very happy side effect.
    I have a black sparkly ukulele. It's a very relaxing instrument, is hard to be annoyed or sad when singing and playing it. I played 3 ukulele concerts in the last week and my fingers now feel very weird!