FFFoF "Black" Swap Part One

This Weave swap theme was quite tricky - "black" has so many possibilities. This is my piece for Sister Twisty of the amazing catfish. I was originally going for black lacy flowers and spirals, but Gavin decided evil sheep were the way to go.

Luckily I'm a bit of a goth so had lots of black supplies. I certainly got lots of practice with french knots.

I ignored everything I learnt about french knots at the RSN, no way was I going to try to thread that many strands through a small needle so I would only have to do one even knot rather than 4.

I've mostly been doing my Frosted Pumpkin Halloween Town cross stitch and designing my next Unexpected Kitty embroidery pattern, but it's been too hot to do much crafting in the south of the UK recently. Flash has also developed a liking for sleeping on my chest which doesn't help! He and Miskit are gradually getting used to each other, a few tiny spats but I caught them both sitting on the garden bench yesterday so I'm not worried about needing Jackson Galaxy just yet...

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