On my recent trip to Somerset/Devon, I was determined to visit The Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth. I have always loved donkeys, and despite living near-ish the New Forest I rarely get to see any. The Donkey Sanctuary has several centres in the UK and works worldwide to to help working donkeys and the people that rely on them, as well as arranging donkey-assisted therapy.

There are several walks around the Sidmouth centre, I obviously chose the shortest one with the most donkeys. We met several mules that were quite excited to see us (and tried to eat our shoes) and many, many donkeys in the fields, most of who ignored us but a few came up to nuzzle us.

This is Freddie from Ireland. He's 11 years old (most of the donkeys at the sanctuary are much older) and was one of the donkeys in the barn area who were interacting with the public. He was finding this bench very useful for awkward itches.

I had a lovely relaxing time strolling through the countryside stroking donkeys and can highly recommend a visit!

I've rounded up some cute donkey items from Etsy....

Isn't this needle felted donkey from Swan Quarter House Creations adorable? I love his little garland and his expression. You can keep up-to-date with Jodi's newest creations on her blog.

The donkeys in this print  from Cath Ward look very eager to meet people (or are trying to get food). Check out her other lovely watercolour prints and laser-cut wood animal charms, brooches and necklaces in her shop.

This cute donkey brooch is from Oneiroxora's shop where she sells gorgeous handmade jewellery. You can also follow her on Facebook.

Awww, look at Arthur's soulful face! You can make him using a pattern from Patchwork Moose (I'm also very tempted by Otis the bat). Find out more on her website and Facebook page.

If you want more fluffy cuteness, why not take a look at my alpaca visit from earlier this summer?

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  1. Thanks Madeleine for visiting The Donkey Sanctuary and sending us a message on our Facebook page :-) We've loved reading your blog and looking at the lovely photos taken while you walked around, especially the one of Freddie down on the Main Yard.

    If anyone would like to visit, we're open 365 days a year, free admission and dog-friendly.

    Loved the cuteness of the donkey items too. You may like to see our own cuteness factor in the name of Woolley :-)

    Again thanks for visiting and sharing on your blog.