I had a scary birthday this year, so we spent a few days in Amsterdam. It was a very cat-themed holiday...

I have no idea why there were cats in an opticians. Or a giant toy deer.

After a lot of getting lost we went to the Cat Museum. It's quite a small town house with a ridiculous amount of cat art, and a few live ones.

Cat is angry and wants to eat you.

Ummmm. Maybe I should attach pom poms to Noddy and Miskit.

We also went to Artis Zoo. This is where my camera finally failed and corrupted all my photos, so I  had to spend a fortune on software to retrieve them.

I have no idea what these two are.

 I have no idea who this is or why he has a moustache.

We went to the Cat Boat twice, - it's a cat refuge on a house boat. They have lots of cats that just wander around the boat who can't be rehomed and some that can be adopted. I fell in love with several of them, even the one that scratched me and drew blood.

On my actual birthday weekend, we went to see Shappi Khorsandi, drank lots of cocktails, visited Monkey World (I love baby orangutans) and Em made me the BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE EVER. 

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