South Wales

Earlier this month I spent a few days in South Wales, where I spent most of my time trying not to vomit and watching the first season of Game Of Thrones. We were there so my boyfriend and his dad could go mountain biking in Afan Forest, which was apparently amazing despite the crashes and injuries. I managed to stagger to the end of the road we were staying on to take pictures of the view:

I saw a huge amount of lambs (extremely cute) and abandoned pubs (not so much). After much driving around Cardiff trying to find a sane parking charge (so many NCP car parks, grrr) we found somewhere for me to buy early 90's punk CDs, many tiny arcades and a button shop. We didn't go inside the castle but I LOVED the animal wall:

I felt sorry for the anteater, his nose had been replaced at least once.
True to Wales' reputation, it started raining by the end of the week. When we got home, Noddy spent an hour sitting on the garden table, staring at us through the window. I think he's forgiven me now.

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