Craft Fairs - Panic! Panic!

I have two craft fairs coming up and no idea how to display any of my monsters. I've been frantically looking through Flickr for ideas - I have tried plate stands which looked nice but fell over easily and didn't make the monsters stand out much, even when I put them on different levels by standing them on old books. It would be lovely to have the old hinged shutters that I see in photos of US craft fairs, but I doubt there are many lying around in Eastleigh charity shops. I have bought some cheap fabric-covered notice boards, hinges and bits of wood so hopefully I can come up with something that won't collapse.

I've got plans for monster-related Christmas things - I think I have to spend every spare minute of the next fortnight sewing and hoover up all the tiny bits of felt next month....

If you're in the Southampton area, I will be at Southampton University's craft fair on 24th November and Tudor House's Victorian Christmas fair on 8 December.


  1. Hi there, I've just friended you on LJ - hope that's ok! I'm just a bit further along the coast from you. If I manage to get to either of the craft fairs you mentioned I will come by and say hi :)

    Your monsters are awesome!

  2. Have added you back :)
    Thanks for liking the monsters, it would be great to meet you!