First Ever Unexpected Kitty Embroidery Pattern!

I'm expanding Unexpected Kitty to include embroidery patterns, and here is the first one (am very excited)!

You can download "Festive Wanderers" for free here. If you make it, I would love to see it.

Do you have any tips on using metallic thread, other than "don't bother"? I used it as a single strand blended with white for the snow, which was bearable (ha ha) but the stars led to much swearing. I'd like to try Cosmo Sparkles thread as I've heard it's much easier to use than DMC, but it seems impossible to buy it in the UK.

This is part of a craft tutorial Christmas link-up organised by Bugs and Fishes. Later this week I will put up the details of all the other tutorials.

Update: look here for the rest of the Crafty Christmas tutorials!


  1. I love this guy, he's so sweet! I really like his crown.
    Good to know that combining the metallic with regular thread makes it more tolerable. I'm also a big advocate for Kreinik metallics, it's a thicker braid and much more pleasant to work with.

  2. Thanks! I've just bought some Kreinik and some Treasure Braid to try.

  3. I love his little's almost like he's saying "get off my back!!" Thrilled to have found your blog, I shall look forward to following. Sarah xo

  4. Cute tutorial... thank you for sharing!
    Sara x

  5. Aw, what a cutie pie. I've never embroidered before (shame on me) so I've made a mental note about metallic thread! But it looks so shiny and nice ...

    xx A

    p.s. Love your blog pic. Talk about awesome.

  6. Thanks for the fantastic pattern....if I start it now then I might have it finished for next year!