Alpacas Galore!

After my previous trip to the Petlake Alpacas open day, it was a no-brainer that I would go again this year, and drag friends along to revel in the fluffiness.

Alpaca group

Like last year there were several baby alpacas to squee over, including several that were rolling down a tiny hillock. I walked an adult alpaca called Casper (first photo below) - he was quite fiesty and kept getting tangled up with the others being walked. The next person to walk him was a small child - by that point he'd had enough, started jumping around then escaped into the middle of the field.

Alpaca collage

(thanks to Anna Marie Haworth for the non-me photos in the collage).

Last year I bought a painting of a cow (below) by Lucy Tidbury. She was at the event again this year with some gorgeous paintings, but sadly I only had enough money on me for postcards.

Cow painting by Lucy Tidbury

In honour of the alpacas, I have rounded up some awesome alpaca crafts from Etsy!

WildOlive alpacas embroidery pattern

This cute embroidery pattern is from Wild Olive's shop (she also does the seasonal stitching clubs that I have failed to keep up with, her latest club is a year-long 50 States quilt). Also check out her blog which has loads of tutorials and free patterns.

Lucyravenscar alpaca family amigurumi pattern

Lucy Ravenscar's adorable alpaca pattern makes me wish I could crochet properly. Check out her blog for more details on her patterns.

PrintsbyLucyPerry alpaca linocut card

I love this linocut alpaca card by PrintsByLucyPerry. She also has a print of the same design.

WestWightAlpacas alpaca hat pattern

You can now pretend to be an alpaca with this cute hat pattern from WestWightAlpacas! She also makes glass alpacas.

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