FFFoF "Black" Swap Part Two

This is the "black" piece I received from mausheart (check out his Flickr stream here - the owl hoop is so cute!):

I love the use of black embroidery thread on black Aida, it's very effective and the cobweb is amazing! It's also a really unusual hoop (at least I've never seen a metal hoop like this before). It's very "me" - I like most spiders (except for the ones that are mostly spindly legs and the ones that are too big to fit in a pint glass...). I suspect this will end up on my bedroom wall, it will look especially good once I've finally painted the walls purple instead of the current corpse colour, bleugh.

Speaking of local wildlife, we found this guy under a (very diseased) rose bush:

He was HUGE - that's a really big magnolia leaf he's sitting on. I love his fake eyes! I suspect he is an elephant hawk moth caterpillar. I'd never heard of these before this summer, until Miskit dragged one of the moths in (luckily she didn't injure it and we let it go). I was a bit shocked by the size and the way it was skittering around, for some reason I thought it was a crab in the low light...

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