Wild Olive Summer Stitching Club

Here is a really bad photo of my patchwork piece for the Summer Stitching Club. I have since taken the bits of cardboard out and re-ironed it. I've also found some batting and hung it up on the same hanger from the curtain rail....

I've also got some way into organising my craft room, I have even removed the cushion with cat sick on it. I am a little horrified about how much felt and jewellery bits I possess, especially as I've never really made any jewellery. I plan to remedy this, as I am seriously considering the Rediscover You Creativity Through Making Jewelry e-course (an excuse to buy even more tiny jewellery bits). I doubt my City & Guilds Embroidery course is going ahead, but the college isn't 100% sure - I won't have time to do anything else if it does actually happen (it's not even advertised on their site, so it would be a miracle if it does).

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