Shops I Love Part One: Esperanza Em

I love Esperanza Em's folksy shop (she also sells on eBay). I have quite a few of her Day of The Dead brooches and necklaces and am very tempted by her tiki and sea creature ranges.

Her blurb (coz she describes it better than I can in my office-induced foggy brain state):
"I mainly specialise in Mexican inspired hand crafted jewellery, including brooches and necklaces made from upcycled bottlecaps. Featured themes include Day Of The Dead, Frida Kahlo, Lucha Libre wrestling, nautical and Hawaiian tiki. I have a punk/DIY ethic and try to keep my prices low. My creations are made with love and I am pleased to be able to share them with people who will enjoy them."

This is the latest item I have from the shop (it is very me as much as I try to hide my gothy side). I also have several necklaces with the magic combination of skulls and glitter...

Em has also started doing bracelets, I love this one:

And there are also necklaces and brooches for ukulele fans!

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