Attempting Watercolours

I'm getting better at drawing (am quite good at copying existing images), but I can't paint at all. I am very jealous of those that can, so I took an afternoon watercolour class with Kate Woodley-Smith. I am totally in awe of her flower and butterfly paintings. It was a lot of fun, I still can't paint, but I can make pretty textured backgrounds using lemon, tea and salt.

We had to choose colours to paint a cut onion - mine is far too dark but is a basic onion shape... The purple thing at the bottom is supposed to be a sea creature/monster thing.

I can't remember how I did this background, probably with salt to make the textured areas and lemon to bleach bits out. I'm pleased with the trees and the spots on the creature thing, and the "flicking" technique for the splatters came out quite well. This is probably my favourite.

I didn't really think the resist through when I added it which is why the bird is missing some of its face. It's supposed to sort of signify wind, I guess.

I had time left over so I painted some flowers and drew over them with biro. My comparey-monster had thoroughly kicked in by this point as some other people in the class did some stunning work.

I'm booked in with Kate for an ink class next week - I am frantically practising sketching so I can get some ideas beforehand. I should be able to make an impressive mess with inks...

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