Shops I Love Part Two: FionaT

I have bought a ridiculous amount of stuff from Fiona T's Folksy shop over the last few years. She makes intricate machine embroidered items (often involving zombies and ninjas, but also occasionally birds and flowers) based on drawings by Little Black Heart (I also own a huge amount of stuff from her shop, she is awesome).
Most of my friends have received embroidered zombie bookmarks, and I have several of her zombie canvases:

Most recently, I bought Tammy, a zombie Halloween kitten.

Noddy does not want to be friends with Tammy...

It's worth keeping an eye on her Facebook page, as many of her items sell out almost as soon as they're put in the shop. Make sure you don't buy the things I want....

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  1. ha! :D
    thanks so much for this, mad <3 and it is SO cool to see those canvases from the early days.
    thankyou for all your loyalty & support for my little business, and for still buying stuff all these years on.
    thankyouthankyouthankyou x